June 3, 2017

Dubai’s warm and inviting comfort food haven, has just announced a new selection of menu items that will be available during the month of Ramadan. Specially curated, the new dishes blend traditional Iftar ingredients with modern flavours to create signature comfort food that fits seamlessly with Markette’s offering. Offering new favourites to cherish for a limited time, the comforting dishes are perfect for welcoming in the Ramadan nights together with friends and family.

Appetizer: Mixed Mezze Platter

A trio of pumpkin hummus, beetroot hummus and moutabal dips served with handmade beetroot falafel, shish tawook, lamb sambousek and pita bread.

Main Course: Spiced Lamb Pita Pockets

A hearty and homely dish of pita breads stuffed with a savoury Middle Eastern spiced lamb mince finished under the grill until golden, served with freshly made fatoush salad and homemade tzatziki.

Main Course: Sumac Baby Chicken with Saffron and Wild Rice

A whole roasted baby chicken moistly prepared with a sumac marination, stuffed with lamb mince, beef salami and served with a generous mix of basmati and wild rice.

Dessert: Crepe Leila

A crepe inspired by regional flavors, folded with apricot saffron jam, topped with pistachio ice cream, pomegranate seeds, caramelized peach and fresh dates.

During the course of Ramadan, Markette will serve in-house diners after the official call to prayer until 2AM. However, a take-away facility is available from 12PM to 6PM for those wishing to order their meals from Markette’s tasty home cooked main menu or from the delightful Ramadan Specials range.

Markette wishes all its diners and everyone in the UAE a prosperous and blessed Ramadan.