August 8, 2017

Have you tried our new Sushi Bar? Join us for a live sushi preparing experience with our authentic sushi menu including sashimi and variety of your favorite sushi rolls. To elevate your experience even higher, enjoy any sushi when you buy one portion. You can even customize your free sushi roll with our fresh ingredients ranging from tuna, salmon, crab, and many others.

Yamaha Café is one a kind café with its Yamaha Motorcycles theme that brings rugged and powerful vibes to the Japanese cuisine menu. If you are a sport enthusiast and a sushi lover, we are the perfect stop for you to enjoy your passions all at once.

Our menu is filled with delicious appetizers, sushi rolls, salads and main courses. New menu items have been added that can guarantee to satisfy your cravings. We have introduced new contemporary menu items such as sushi burger and sushi donut. New desserts for your sweet tooth have also been added with all flavors of ice cream and an authentic Japanese Mochi dessert with flavors such as mango, choco banana and strawberry cheesecake. More of your favorite sushi has been added including Crab Sushi, Shrimp Sushi, and Chicken Teriyaki Sushi.

Can’t decide what to order? You can always order our new sushi boat express that lets you enjoy 18 or 24 or 32 pieces of sushi rolls of your choice ranging from California roll, Rainbow roll, Spicy raider, Tuna Nigiri and much more. Looking for Breakfast? We’ve added new breakfast items with our new authentic Emirati dish Balaleet and delicious Eggs with Tomato.