August 8, 2017

Logma, one of Dubai’s favorite dining destination, has been pleasing guests with mouth-watering flavors featuring a unique mix of classic favorites and innovative dishes has now introduced more than 15 new menu items.

The new menu features items such as the Logma Benedict, Bajella, Chicken Samboosa, Falafel Platter, Fish Machbous and a whole new collection of Parathas, Biryani and Laugaimats. Lugaimat lovers can now enjoy toppings such as White Chocolate, Berries and Oreo to mention a few.

As always Logma features Emirati dishes with a contemporary twist using freshly sourced ingredients to ensure an authentic taste. Guests can enjoy delicious Khaleeji culinary treasures at Logma in a friendly and authentic ambience that mirrors Dubai’s flair for combining the traditional with the contemporary. The atmosphere adds to the experience with its warm and sandy colors, as well as visual references based on the magnificent nature of the Khaleeji countries; you’ll spot hints of camels, traditional Khaleeji architecture, and palm leave patterns in every corner ensuring your visit is a complete trip of the senses.

For further information call 800-LOGMA (56462) or email