November 11, 2017

Say “Cheese”! Introducing the “Smokin’ Cheese” at Big Smoke Burger!

We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of our newest, and most anticipated burger to date! Cheese fanatics and burger enthusiasts alike are strongly advised not to miss out with what we call the “Smokin’ Cheese”. Look out for its juicy details.

The Smokin’ Cheese is our take on the classic “Juicy Lucy” style of burgers, taking in the style of cheese infused into the core of the patty, melted within the process of being grilled to perfection.

In our case, we took it upon ourselves to incorporate our signature smoky flavors; and in addition to being grilled within our Canadian AAA Angus beef ground freshly in-house, we use a smoky three-cheese base within the core of the patty – consisting of our smoked Canadian cheddar, real Quebec cheese curds (the same curds we use for our poutine), and American Cheddar cheese.

But we didn’t decide to stop there. Along with the burgers cheesy goodness, our Executive Chef here at BSB decided to create an all new, signature sauce from scratch, specially made for the new burger. We came up with the all new “Hickory Smoked Chili sauce”, the perfect blend of sweet & spicy goodness. It’s by far our hottest sauce yet, and that’s by taste and looks!

With mixed greens and basil onions to top it all off, we’re sure you’ll love the new Smokin’ Cheese burger just as much as we do. In addition to the newly added burger, look out for other upcoming changes to our BoxPark menu, including the relaunch of our signature Pizookie due to popular demand, the famous deep-dish cookie is now back and better than ever!

Be sure to stop by for the new Smokin’ Cheese, only at BSB – Boxpark